Louise Honée, born in 1974 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, discovered her passion for photography after finishing her studies History of Art at the University of Amsterdam.  She continued her studies photography at the Photo Academy of Amsterdam and specialized in documentary photography.  Since then Honée had worked as a portrait and documentary photographer. The main subject of her images is the indestructible hope of youth, capturing its fragility in all circumstances.  Always on the look for the poetry in their stories, Honée assembles her images into a visual novel in which the young people she meets, play their own role. In her work, she tries to understand how different identities are defined by and in the landscape and the environment where children grow up.

Louise Honée became winner of the 2020 HSBC Prize for Photography  with her series We Love Where We Live, one of her major pieces of her body of work that allowed her to become known in France, where she exhibited in many festivals ands galeries. Her latest work Double Roses was awarded with the the Prix Maison Blanche 2022 with which she receives a second book publication.