New Series DOUBLE ROSES, June 2019 Nyons, France

From the workshop with Vanessa Winship & George Georgiou – Galerie Vu’

Published: 10/06/2019

Participant Chambre07, Photo Festival in Aubenas (FR)

Published: 07/09/2018

We Love Where We Live – Vice

Published: 06/07/2018

Publication in the NRC with the series Angels of the North and We Love Where We Live

Published: 05/07/2018

We Love Where We Live exhibition in De Balie, Amsterdam (NL)

Published: 28/06/2018

We Love Where We Live – selected for Capture Your Freedom Photo Contest/Freedom of Want, New York (USA)

Published: 25/06/2018

Shortlisted for Palmstudios Photo Prize with Jaylon, London (UK)

Published: 01/05/2018

Interview in the December issue of &C Magazine where the serie Did you call your mum today ?      

is highlighted


Published: 21/11/2017

Online interview in the Kiekiekrant about the project We Love Where We Live

Published: 07/11/2017

The Angels of the North – selected for the jury-projection of the photofestival Les Boutographies, Montpellier (FR)

Published: 07/05/2017

Sunne girls

Workshop Anders Petersen at Atelier Smedsby, Värmlands Län, Smedsby (SE)

Published: 07/07/2016

Ella wearing her great-grandmothers lace collar which has been kept intact for more than a hundred years. Second Place in NRC Handelsblad Photography Contest Portrait.

Published: 12/02/2016